We all know that the world is spinning around the women, but women have existed throughout the history who literally ruled the world, or at least most of it.

  • 1. Cleopatra – The famous Egyptian queen whose full name is Cleopatra VII Philopator (69 BC – 30 BC) was a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty and ruled ancient with Egypt. Her reign began 51 BC when she was only 18. Her grandfather was Ptolemy I, one of the generals of Alexander the Great and what is believed he was also half-brother of Philip of Macedon, which confirmed that she had Macedonian origin. Once Gaius Julius Caesar defeated her older brother, she took the throne of Egypt. After her death, the Ptolemy dynasty was extincted and Egypt became a Roman province.
  • Her life, as well as her reign was turbulent and dynamic. According to Egyptian customs she was forced to marry her brother, and in the meantime she became Caesar’s mistress. She later have ordered the killing of her brother Ptolemy XIV in order her son, whose father was a Caesar, to stand on the throne. Also, she was a lover of Mark Anthony, with whom she had three children.


  • 2. Queen Theodora – (497-548 AD) – the wife of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I, emperor of the Roman Empire. She was declared a saint by the Orthodox Christian Church and is believed to be the most powerful and influential woman in the history of the Roman Empire.
  • Before her marriage to Justinian I, Theodora was an actress who was amusing the nobles. She later joined the Christian movement and that had completely changed her way of life. She married Justinian I in 523 AD, and after his death in 525 AD, she became the empress of the Roman Empire. Having taken control of the empire, many important government decisions were taken by Theodora as reducing the high taxes, the resolution of religious controversy and political corruption. And while Justinian I was alive, Theodora helped him in making some important decisions, and once even managed to help her husband to escaping and to suppress a rebellion in Constantinople.
  • Theodora has promoted women’s rights, built churches, created laws against forced prostitution and set up death penalty for rape.
  • She died of cancer at age 51.


  • 3. Eleanor – Queen of England – born in 1122 and died on 1 April 1204. She was the wife of King Henry II and she is considered one of the richest and most powerful women in that time.
  • As a child she received a great education and she has studied Latin, and after the death of her father, when she was 15 years old she became the Duchesses of Aquitaine turning the place in one of the biggest cultural and intellectual centers in northern Europe. She married the French King Louis VII and with it participated in the Second Crusade, but after the birth of her second child she divorced him because of his infidelity. Later entered into marriage with Henry II, with whom she had five sons and three daughters.
  • But when in 1170 he killed an archbishop who was opposing to the decisions of King Henry, Eleanor raised a popular revolt against her husband, taking three of her sons at her side. The rebellion lasted a year. After the rebellion was dismantled and broken, she was punished with 16 years imprisonment.


  • 4. Hatshepsut is one of the most powerful women in the ancient world and one of the best monks in ancient Egypt. She was the fifth pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty of Egypt and ruled longer than any ruler in Egyptian history.
  • After the death of her father Thutmose I, she ruled together with her half-brother. But after his death, Hatshepsut ruled alone until the end of her life in 1458 BC, Her reign is marked by numerous building projects and changes, turning the southern part of Egypt sophisticated place, and making successful military campaigns in Nubia, Levant and Syria.