The Most Beautiful villages in Spain – 10 Photos and Description

Spain has kept the specific spirit in the small villages who are rarely visited by the tourists. If you ever plan to visit this country and you have time to spare in other locations besides Barcelona & Madrid, you should definitely go and explore this rural parts. Traditional food, prepared in traditional kitchens, small prices on everything, country ambient motels and friendly people.

Bellow you will find out who are these villages and discover more about their location, lifestyle and culture.


  • Cuenca

Located in Central Spain, the medieval village is characteristic for the houses who are built on the edge of the rocks on which Cuenca is located. From this shot Cuenca looks like floating over the ground.

  • Cuenca is in the autonomous community of Castile–La Mancha in central Spain. It is the capital of the province of Cuenca. Wikipedia


  • Elche 

Small and charming village, located near Valencia where you can enjoy the amazing blend of medieval architecture and Mediterranean exotic nature.

  • Elche or Elx is located in the comarca of Baix Vinalopó, in the Alicante province which, in turn, is a part of the Valencian Community, Spain. Wikipedia


  • Baeza

Baeza was Catholic bastion when the Moors were trying to conquer the Iberian Peninsula. Since that time, the incredible architecture has remained and makes this little place attractive to visitors.

  • Baeza is a town of approximately 16,200 inhabitants in Andalusia, Spain, in the province of Jaén, perched on a cliff in the “Loma de Úbeda”, a mountain range between the river Guadalquivir on the south and its tributary the Guadalimar on the north. Wikipedia


  • Deia

Many artists today go Deia seeking an inspiration for their next work. The village is located on the island of Mallorca, 27 kilometers away from large crowds on the beach. Here you can enjoy the peace and the panoramic view over the Mediterranean.

  • Deià is a small coastal village in the Serra de Tramuntana, which forms the northern ridge of the Spanish island of Mallorca. It is located about ten miles north of Valldemossa, and it is known for its literary and musical residents. Wikipedia


  • Carmona

Carmona is located in the heart of Andalusia. in Cormona you will find an architecture created by every conqueror who ever been there, that remains to tell the stories of those times. Although it is a small place, there are many restaurants serving traditional Andalusian food.

  • Carmona is a town/village in the south-western Spain, in the province of Seville, it lies 33 km north-east of Seville. Wikipedia


  •  Ronda

Rhonda may look intimidating with its location on both edges of a canyon, but once you wander on its streets you will be enthralled by its beauty. The canyon divides the village into two parts, but they are connected by bridges that offer an unforgettable view, and although there are some of the oldest arenas for bullfights.


  • Santillana del Mar

It seems that the Middle Ages never ended for Santiljana del Mar. Visit this small village located 3 km from the Atlantic Ocean you will go back in time.

  • Santillana del Mar is a historic town situated in Cantabria, Spain. Certain features of this historical town includes Altamira Caves and many historic buildings, attracting thousands of holiday-makers every year. Wikipedia


  • Mijas

Mijas, although it’s not located on the coast of the Mediterranean, but on a slope that goes down to it, the view to the sea is still fantastic. Villages along the Spanish coast are mostly filled with modern facilities for tourists, but this village has managed to keep Spanish spirit. Today it captures you with its narrow streets and medieval architecture.

  • Mijas is a town and municipality in the Province of Málaga in the autonomous community of Andalusia, located on the southwestern coast of Spain. Mijas belongs to the comarca of Costa del Sol Occidental.Wikipedia


  • Zafra

The Andalusian village Zafra is a destination for those who want to feel the spirit of Spain with all its intensity. Above the village there is a wonderful castle from the 15th century, which is well preserved.

  • Zafra is a town situated in the Province of Badajoz, and the capital of the comarca of Zafra – Río Bodión. It has a population of 16,242, according to the figures of 2009. Wikipedia


  • Cadaqués

Cadaqués is very simple fishing village near the border with France, but in that precisely is his magic. There are beautiful sandy beaches, and the water is perfectly clean.

  • Cadaqués is a town in the Alt Empordà comarca, in the province of Girona, Catalonia, Spain. It is on a bay in the middle of the Cap de Creus peninsula, near Cap de Creus cape, on the Costa Brava of the Mediterranean. Wikipedia