The BEST private islands around the world – 7 ISLANDS

If you have a lot of money and you want to escape from the urban life, buying an island is a great idea. We will show you some of the most beautiful private islands around the world, on which some of the owners built apartments and resorts for tourist, but some are still the private paradise for the landlords.

  • 1. Guano

GUANO is a small private island that belongs to the British Virgin Islands. At only 3.4 square kilometers has mountains, hills, hiking trails and seven beautiful exotic beaches with white sand. Guano is a true paradise for divers, whose three coral reefs are a great test for them.


  • 2. Emerald Quay

Emerald Quay is part of the Turks and Caicos islands. The owners built super luxury resort, comprised of charming castle whose parts are separated by channels of turquoise Caribbean Sea, and connected with spectacular bridges. It can be purchased for $ 48 million.


  • 3. Sofitel Motu

Sofitel Motu is a paradise island part of Bora Bora. On its slopes and above the water are built luxury spa resorts, hotels, bungalows and swimming pools.


  • 4. Motukawaiti 

The stay on this island is very nice considering that there is no insects, and in the clear water you can usually see the dolphins. It is located close to the New Zealand archipelago Cavalli.


  • 5. Entalula

White sandy beaches, cliffs where the turquoise ocean is spalshing, caves, bays and amazing dive sites are feature of the stunning private island Entalula. It is part of the Philippines, and is located in the province of Palawan.


  • 6. Turtle Island

If you know that on this island is filmed the movie “The Blue Lagoon”, then you will understand what kind of exotic paradise it is. The amazing nature of this island is shaped like a turtle and can be rented for 275,000 dollars for seven nights. Located near Fiji.


  • 7. Diamond Key 

The island is located near Honduras. It belongs to the second largest reef barrier in the world, making it a perfect refuge for many marine species and exotic paradise on which the divers can not resist. There are several cottages that are rented to tourists for high prices.