The BEST and The WORST places in the World to be a WOMAN

For a long time women have fought for their rights to equality in the world of men. In the last 6 years, about 85% of countries have improved the conditions for women, according to the World Economic Forum, but from an economic and political point of view there is still a long road ahead of them. Here are a few places where is great to be a woman and few places where women still find it difficult to be who they are.

1. Best place to be a woman – Island

Iceland has the greatest equality between women and men, taking into consideration the indicators in politics, education, employment and health. The worst place to be a woman is Yemen, and the most dangerous is Afghanistan.


2. The best place to be “head” of the country – Sri Lanka

Women rule in Sri Lanka nearly 23 years. Unlike them, in Spain and Sweden, woman has never been an important figure in the government.


3. Best place to be a woman in the field of arts and film – Sweden

The Swedish Arts Council submitted an initiative to improve gender equality in the arts. Also, the Swedish Film Institute allows equally allocation of men and women in the film industry. In the UK, only 6% of film directors and 12% of screenwriters are women.


4. Best place to be a mother – Norway

Norway is the best place in the world to be a mother, with very little chance of death during childbirth (1:7.600). Worst place for this is to be in Afghanistan, where women have at least 200 times more chances to die in childbirth than from bombs, bullets or other attack.

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5. Best place for economists – the Bahamas

Bahamas hold the first place globally for economic participation of women. They closed the gender “inequality hole” of about 91% in the last six years, unlike the lowest-ranked country, Yemen, which has increased gender equality in the economy for only 32%.


6. Best place to be a journalist – Caribbean

The Caribbean is a region with the highest representation of TV, radio and print news reported by women (45%). The worst area is in Africa, with only 30% of the events are run by women. The UK has the lowest percentage of women editors of newspapers, only 9%.


7. Best place to live long – Japan

Women in Japan live average about 87 years, beating men for 7 years. The shortest average period of life for women in Lesotho – 48 years, which is only 2 years less than the life period of men.


8. Best place to study – Qatar 

In Qatar, on each man, six women are enrolled to study. While the Chadian state has three times more men than women studying.


9. The best place to earn money – Luxembourg

Luxemburg, Norway share the first place for the opportunity of earning. Both women and men earn average about $ 40,000 per year. For the women the worst place to work is in Saudi Arabia where the average earning per year is around 7157 dollars, while the men for the same work earn about 36,727 dollars.


10. Best place to be a female athlete – USA

Five of the ten most payed women athletes were from America. The worst country is Saudi Arabia, S.A has never sent a woman to the Olympics and for girls is forbidden to train any sport in school.