The 10 Natural phenomena of the world – PART 1

Our planet has many weird and wonderful places that have the power to inspire and amaze. They remind us that even in this age of technological wonders, in nature there are still amazing places to discover. These are just 10 of the many that has the Earth.

  • 1. Pamukkale, Turkey

The beautiful balcony pools are less know to the people from the west but very often visited by the Europeans. Created by the earthquakes trough time, which are common in Turkey, the hot springs rich with calcium carbonate found a way out to the surface trough the created fractures in the rocks. The name Pamukkale means Cotton Fortress, on the top is located a old city called Hierapolis (Holy City). The name was given by the Romans, who are also the first who have discovered this place and its healing white waters.


  • 2. Moeraki, New Zealand 

These large, round stones with extraterrestrial appearance on the beach Koekohe, which is part of the Otago coast of New Zealand South Island. “Moeraki stones” were originally created at the bottom of the sea, by depositing layers around the core, the same way that a pearl forms around a particle of sand. Some of the rocks weigh several tons and are three meters wide.


  • 3. Nine Hell’s of Beppu, Japan

Bepu city, located on the island of Kyushu, the second biggest “producer” of geothermal water in the world. In the same area are the “nine hells,” so-called pools that differ in their characteristics and colors, thanks to the different minerals in them. These pools are very popular tourist attraction in Japan, but hardly anyone knows abroad. Unfortunately, like in many other incredible natural wonders, the area around them has become too commercialized and “distasteful”.


If you are ever planing to travel to Belize, country located on the north eastern coast of Central America, you can’t miss the chance of visiting the Black Hole, one of the most amazing nature wonders.

The 125 meters deep hole has almost perfect round form and with 300 meters diameter, which makes her the biggest and deepest see hole in the world.

According to the scientists, the hole is old more than 65.000 years ago and the reason is the fast rising of the water level.

The Black hole is one of the most attractive locations to visit in the region and the most common visitors are the scuba divers who are attracted by caves and the various sea life.

  • More photos of Belize hole you can see here


  • 5. The Door of Hell, Turkmenistan 

Near the village Darvaz, which is located in the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan in 1971, a team of researchers from the Soviet Union drilled a large chamber filled with natural gas. The roof of the cave collapsed, leaving a crater 25 meters deep with a diameter of about 60-70 meters. Soon it became evident that natural gas still coming out through the deeper sources of the crater, so the story goes so far that the decision was made to ignite the gas and not risking it to expand or lead to local poisoning. According to multiple sources, since the fire keeps burning, the locals call the place “The Gate of Hell”.