The 10 LOST Civilizations and Worlds – PART 1

Centuries ago, stories and legend were created about worlds and civilizations that existed on this planet and in it. In the following article you will learn about 10 of those stories and legends.

  • 1. King’s Arthur island, Avalon

Avalon is the island where King Arthur went to heal the wounds after the final battle and on which he died. But according to the legend, he didn’t actually died, but he is in a deep dream waiting to give the power of his sword Excalibur whenever the UK is in need.


The Assumptions for the location of this island are different. Some argue that the island is actually the Glastonbury Tor hill, where the local monks of the 12th century discovered the bones of King Arthur, his wife Guinevere and his sword. Many mention other locations around the UK, in some books you can even find stories about locations in Island.

  • 2. El Dorado, the city of gold

The Spanish conquistadors who in the mid-16th century plundered the New World, witnessed an unusual sight. The leader of the Muiska tribe, who lived near present-day Bogotá, capital of Colombia, during the ceremony of initiation, covered himself with gold dust and jumped into the lake Guatavita. This happening had big effect on the imagination of the Spaniards, and so they created the legend of the gold city of El Dorado.


Although they totally destroyed the territory of the tribe Muiska, they didn’t found the golden city which is named after the religious tribe leader who jumped in the lake. This legend attracts huge number of tourists, adventurers and gold seekers. Guided by this myth, many adventurers are searching El Dorado on several locations in Central and South America.

  • Slavic mythical island Buyan

This myth is connected with the Slavic Buyan island, which according to legend appears and disappears, something akin to the island from the series “Lost.” One version of the legend for the island says that from there are starting all the weather conditions, according to another, the island is a resting place for the ghosts of eternal life, whose souls are trapped. Geographic reconstruction of the myth have led some scientists to claim that this is a fictional version of the already existing island Rügen in the Baltic Sea in Germany.


  • The Pure land, Shambhala

Tibetan and Indian Buddhist writings  present Shambhala as a country of true peace, hidden in the green part of the Himalayas. In this myth, the western world first encountered in the 17th century, and then began the first expeditions in this inaccessible area. According to some, this utopian Valley is located in China, others in Kazakhstan. In its quest, even the secret police of the Soviet Union of the last century was included.


  • Atlantis, the lost city 

Plato described Atlantis as a naval force island that around 9000 BC, it contained most parts of Western Europe and North America, but in one day disappeared below the sea level. Although even in the time of Plato, the story of Atlantis was considered as a myth, nowadays it attracts big attention among adventurers and historians.


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