Real life Indiana Jones Adventurer – Goran Jovic

I have followed the work of this two Croatian photographers who travel to the most notorious places on the earth and document their adventurers with photographs and videos. Their names are Vedran Vidak and Goran Jovic. This article is about Goran and his photo adventures.

About Goran (written by himself) –


“Like any other photographer who pursues art, I try to bring something personal to every photo I take.

I am still learning a lot about photography every day, but as much as I discover through this discipline, I still recognize that photography is an open space, in which there are constantly new opportunities to explore it deeper.

Although I’ve always valued photography, how I came to this profession was rather coincidental. I helped my friend Vedran Vidak ( photograph a wedding, and our partnership worked out very well. He became my mentor after that, encouraging me to pursue what he believed was my inborn talent.

After spending a few years capturing regional subjects and scenery, I thought I could really challenge myself in the field, and so I joined a mission to Tanzania with an aid association.

In retrospect, I look at that decision as a kind of instinctual compass which reinforced my desire to do this type of photography.

I also find myself surrendering more and more to Africa, although I don’t think it is a conscious decision on my part. Instead, there is an unparalleled and reassuring spirit emanating from that continent that it overwhelms with genuine and raw energy. And so, I was lured by it from the beginning, and that is where I feel I belong.”

Goran Jovic – Personal photos made by Vedran Vidak (personal article)

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Copyright photographs by Goran Jovic


Top of the Food Chain @ Nechisar NP


A new angle, a different perspective…it makes you think : ” Am I lucky today” !?


After the storm we couldn’t cross the river because the river level was to high, so we spent the night in Hamar village…coffee, goat milk, sitting around the fire, trying to understand the tribal language…


Little Hamar boy scared by the thunderstorm. The rest of the Southern Nations gallery soon @


Wings of freedom

More photos of Goran Jovic you can find here :

Videos of their adventures:

Evening with the Hamar people from Goran Jovic on Vimeo.

Secoya People from Goran Jovic on Vimeo.