The BEST NATURIST Beaches in Europe

1. Croatia

The Croatian shore is paradise for the naturist. Croatia is the first European country that opened a naturist beach in 20th century.

  • Koversada  is the longest naturist beach in Europe, it is located on “Istra”, island where the beaches are with stones, but  the naturist beach is mostly covered with sand. The water is clear and perfect for swimming. 
  • Valalta is on the list “The most beautiful naturist beaches in the world”, long 3.5 kilometers and is mostly visited by families from Europe.
  • Solaris is beach covered with stones, sand, grass and concrete. It’s located on the Lanterna peninsula.


2. Greece

Like Croatia, Greece has also some of the best naturist beaches in Europe. These are just some of them.

  • Banana Beach is exactly 3 beaches in one located on the Skiathos island on the Aegean sea. The beach is with golden sand and the swimmers can also see dolphins near them. 
  • Glyko Nero on Crete is know for the hot springs under the beach. The beach can be reached only by boat. Glyko Nero has the best sunset view in Greece.
  • Mirtiotisa Beach is located on the island of Corfu. It is popular among the naturists worldwide for the soft sand hidden behind one spectacular rocky mountain.


3. Montenegro 

  • The most famous naturist beach in Montenegro is Ada Bojana. Located on the island with the same name set in the delta of the Bojana River, which flows into the Adriatic Sea.
  • At 2.5 km from Budva is situated the naturist beach Jaz. It is a beautiful sandy area hidden behind a forest. Long is more than a mile.


4. Bulgaria 

In the past few years Bulgaria became very popular among the Europeans because of their cheap prices. And where there is cheap prices for amazing beaches, there are the naturists.

  • All naturist beaches in Bulgaria are situated near Varna and Burgas, and the best one is considered the one near the confluence of the River Ropotamo. Also, there is one lovely sandy naturist beach between Albena and Kranevo village.