Modern Asia trough photography

In the last 20 years in Asia is a trend to create modern metropolises, mostly to attract large number of tourists and investors in the states.

1-modern-architecture of asia

2-modern-architecture of asia

3-modern-architecture of asia

4-modern-architecture of asia

5-modern-architecture of asia

6-modern-architecture of asia

7-modern-architecture of asia

8-modern-architecture of asia

9-modern-architecture of asia

10-modern-architecture of asia

11-modern-architecture of asia

12-modern-architecture of asia

13-modern-architecture of asia

14-modern-architecture of asia

15-modern-architecture of asia

16-modern-architecture of asia

17-modern-architecture of asia

18-modern-architecture of asia

19-modern-architecture of asia

20-modern-architecture of asia

21-modern-architecture of asia

22-modern-architecture of asia

23-modern-architecture of asia

24-modern-architecture of asia

25-modern-architecture of asia

26-modern-architecture of asia

27-modern-architecture of asia