Budapest Photo Essay

By: Dragan Tapshanov

For this Christmas i traveled up to Budapest – Hungary. Beautiful city, mostly built in the time of the powerful empire of Austria & Hungary. Amazing bridges, churches, castles, squares and buildings, but most amazing of all are stories which are like fairytale. The story that touch my heart was told to my by our guide and it was about the Margaret Island also know as the Island of the Rabbits.

Margaret was born in Klis Fortress in the Kingdom of Croatia, the eighth and last daughter (9th of 10 children) of the royal couple. They resided there during the Mongol invasion of Hungary (1241–42) as her father was also ruler of this land. Her parents vowed that ifHungary was liberated from the Mongols, they would dedicate the child to religion.

The four-year-old Margaret was entrusted by her parents to the Dominican monastery at Veszprém in 1245. Six years later she was transferred to the Monastery of the Blessed Virgin founded by her parents on Nyulak Szigete (Rabbit Island) near Buda (today Margaret Island, named after her, and a part of Budapest. The ruins of the monastery can still be seen.) She spent the rest of her life there, dedicating herself to religion and opposing all attempts of her father to arrange a political marriage for her with King Ottokar II of Bohemia. She appears to have taken solemn vows when she was eighteen years old.

If you are visiting Budapest and you need a guide or travel information, feel free to contact Cityrama – Hungary, they helped me a lot.