5 Happiest countries to live in

Which country has the happiest population, research has shown us these results:

  • 1. DENMARKDenmark is a member of the EU since 1973 and of NATO since 1949. The standard of living is high, unemployment is low, and wages are great.


  • 2. FINLAND

People in Finland know how to make a real balance between work and the personal life commitments. It is their culture and the secret recipe for quality and happy life.


  • 3. NORWAY

Norway in past few years is one of the countries which is preferred because of the high standard of living, good jobs and free education.


  •  4. HOLLAND 

The land of tulips is one of the most liberal countries, which makes it very interesting for living.


  • 5. CANADA

Canada can show of with a high level of political freedom, social people, health and economic stability, and good wages.


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