The big cities around the world offer the best life young people, because everything is reachable. But bigger city, means more people, more people means more problems and more problems means more crime.

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This is an extended list. If you plan to migrate somewhere, we hope that we gonna help you decide where to go…

  • 1. Toronto, Canada

This cosmopolitan center for decades is the most popular destination for immigrants. They make up half the population of the city. About 30% of the population in Toronto, despite official languages​​, English and French, speaks at least one other foreign language. Toronto is known economic center and home to the seventh largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization. Toronto’s economy accounts for a fifth of gross domestic income in Canada. Another key factor for ranking high Toronto is the safety. This city is the 17th most secure city in the world.

  • Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario. It is located in Southern Ontario on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. Toronto is a relatively modern city. Wikipedia


  • 2. Ottawa, Canada 

Ottawa, capital of Canada, has the highest educated workforce in the country. The city is also is host to several tech giants, such as “Cisco Systems”, “Alcatel” and “Section”. Unlike many other cities, where the good life comes at a price, Ottawa defies this trend. In 2011, the city was named the cheapest city to live in Canada. In terms of hygiene, Ottawa is one of the cleanest cities, and in 2010 was the third eco-city in the world.

  • Ottawa is the capital of Canada, and the fourth largest city in the country. The city is located on the south bank of the Ottawa River in the eastern portion of Southern Ontario. Wikipedia

Parliament of Canada

  • 3. Wellington, New Zealand

One third of the population of Wellington consists postgraduates, making the city with highest educated people in the country. Revenues in Wellington are above average for New Zealand. More than 40% of households have an annual income of more than 66,000 dollars. The city also has an excellent climate with 2000 sunny hours per year.

  • Wellington is the capital city and second most populous urban area of New Zealand. It is at the southwestern tip of the North Island, between Cook Strait and the Rimutaka Range. It is home to 395,600 residents.Wikipedia


  • 4. Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam is home to the oldest stock exchange market in the world. The channels and the infrastructure of Amsterdam annually attracts many tourists. In terms of personal safety, Amsterdam was ranked among the top 20 in the world. This city offers a variety of lifestyles and it is very attractive to immigrants.

  • Amsterdam is the capital and most populous city of the Netherlands, lying at the center of the Randstad, one of the largest metropolitan areas in Europe. Its status as the Dutch capital is mandated by the Constitution of the Netherlands. Wikipedia


  • 5. City of Sidney, Australia

Sydney has some of the most beautiful harbors, and its location is such that from all sides is surrounded by national parks, rivers, bays and beaches. As a business hub, Sydney is home to almost 40% of the top 500 Australian companies. The average annual household income is more than $ 55,000.

  • The City of Sydney is the local government area covering the Sydney central business district and surrounding inner city suburbs of the greater metropolitan area of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Wikipedia


  • 6. Copenhagen, Denmark 

Copenhagen is a city that highlights European domination in quality lifestyle. This is due to the advanced infrastructure and high-quality working staff. In 2010, Copenhagen was ranked second on the list of eco-towns. This city is known as the “city of bicycles” because the total length of bicycle paths is 350 miles, and 36% of the population uses bicycles daily.

  • Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and its most populous city, with an urban population of 1,230,728 and a metropolitan population of 1,954,411. Copenhagen is situated on the eastern coast of Zealand and stretches across part of Amager. Wikipedia


The center of Bern, known as the Old Town, in 1983 became the world heritage under UNESCO protection. The city has managed to retain the medieval charm, although over time became a center of Swiss production, with various highly developed industries, known for making watches. From 2011, Bern is the second safest city, after Luxembourg.

  • The city of Bern or Berne is the Bundesstadt of Switzerland, and, with a population of 125,681, is the fifth most populous city in Switzerland. The Bern agglomeration, which includes 43 municipalities, has a population of 353,300. Wikipedia


  • 8. Geneva, Switzerland 

Geneva, where the headquarters of the Red Cross are, has an international role as 44% of the population is composed of foreigners who represent their government in international organizations and conferences held there. This city is known as the “City of Parks” because 20% of it green spaces. Air pollution is regulated by a special law.

  • Geneva is the second most populous city in Switzerland and is the most populous city of Romandy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Situated where the Rhone exits Lake Geneva, it is the capital of the Republic and Canton of Geneva. Wikipedia