11 Places in the world ruled by the Pirates – PART 1

Today is very strange when we hear about the Somalian pirates ravage the the ocean cities and hiding on a secret locations on small islands and hidden gulfs with small villages.

In the past that was all possible because the authorities didn’t have the technology to track them and to locate their secret hide outs.

These are some of the locations which were the favorite destinations for the pirates:



The Malacca flow separates Malaysia and Indonesia’s island Sumatra. It was the main route from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean after passing that many ships often were met by the pirates.



The Bahamas and the other Caribbean islands were the perfect place to welcome the Spanish conquistadors, whose ships were always laden with gold from Central and South America. Favorite spot for pirates of the archipelago was the Nassau Island.


Porto Rico

The Spaniards were trading huge amounts of gold from Puerto Rico, which inspired the young navigator Roberto Cofresi to became a pirate. Most often he terrorized near his birthplace Cobo Rojo.


La Marsa

La Marsa is a small coastal town in Tunisia which was regularly frequented by the Barber pirates. They were looting on the North African coast. Besides looting ships, they were enslaving people and then selling them as slaves.



The biggest African island is the perfect location for setting up a pirate ambush. Here were greeted European trading ships that sailed to India and other countries in Southeast Asia.