10 Biggest UNSOLVED MYSTERIES in the World – PART 2

Continuing from: 10 Biggest UNSOLVED MYSTERIES in the World – PART 1 

  • 6. The Inca Empire

The powerful Inca Empire ruled between 1200 and 1535 in South America. Their modern city was very difficult to aproach because is located on top of a very difficult steep mountain, today known as Machu Picchu in Peru. This city was unique at that time and had a drainage systems and canals through trough their cereal. The creation of the city as well as the disappearance of an entire civilization is still a mystery.


  • 7. Nazca Lines

These lines cover an area of about 500 square kilometers in the southern desert of Peru. These Mysterious shapes are drawn on the ground over 2,000 years ago. Some researchers believe the Nazca people drew messages to aliens, while another theory says that the drawings are quite randomly drawn from channels that were transporting water.


  • 8. Bermuda Triangle 

The Bermuda Triangle is considered responsible for many disappearances. It is estimated that the region around the Bermuda Triangle swallowed more than 140 ships and airplanes with more than 1,000 people who were never found. Many people believe in supernatural explanations. Scientists don’t have strong evidence of the mysterious events in this area, but so far the most promising theory is of the strong magnetic effect that “confuses” the instruments and creating unusual weather events.


  • 9. The explosion in Tunguska

The explosion in Tunguska, Russia occurred in around 7:14 on June 30, 1908. To this day we still do not know what caused the blast that has destroyed land with 80 million trees spread over 2,150 square kilometers. Some locals believe that it is was a black hole or UFO. But many scientists believe that the explosion occurred as a result of the meteor which fell even though there was no record of it.


  • 10. Stonehenge 

How exactly these stones were brought here and how they were placed is still a mystery and waits to be discovered. It is believed that this structure dates back 5,000 years and by now most logical explanation by scientists is that has been used for various ceremonies.